Diabetes Ayurvedic Treatment in Delhi

Sugar or Diabetes is one disease which takes the happiness out of your life, to a certain extent. You must be heartbroken as you discovered that you have diagnosed with Diabetes. Once fond of sweet dishes, chocolates, etc; you are now not allowed to have them or avoid them. You can no longer enjoy your favorite food. You now have to eat foods which you hated once. Your life turns upside down. You tried many diabetic specialist, physicians, exercises, diet charts, etc and your Sugar levels are still higher at 180, 200 or even more. HbA1c values are not coming down below 8 or 9 or 10.

You are changing doctors in desperation to get the best treatment in hope that your sugar levels will be in normal range. New prescriptions, diet charts and advices keep confusing. All you are getting is disappointment day by day as there are no permanent lowering in blood sugar values. Well, this situation is probably occurring with corers of Diabetic patients in India. And you are unfortunately one of them.

Diabetes are of two types

  1. IDDM (Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus) - In this type of diabetes patient must have to take Insulin here is an introduction of Ayurvedic treatment help in Chronic Complication like microangiopathy due to Diabetes & little help in resistance of Insulin.
  2. NIDDM (Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes) - Ayurveda could helps a lot of in such type of Diabetes, as this type of Diabetes occur due to the insulin resistance. Ayurveda has lots of Gudamar & Sheelajeet, this help to break insulin resistance. Also, help in Chronic complications like Diabetic Retinoapthy, Diabetic Nephropathy & Diabetic Neuropathy. Ayurvedic treatment helps a patient of diabetic foot by increasing blood flow in foot along with immuno-booster treatment to fight against supra infection & help quick healing. The treatment is given by Leech Therapy also.

Diabetes is a major killer in modern times. Our sedentary habits and lifestyle have added to the severity of the problem. The insulin-producing capacity and quality of insulin become hampered in diabetes. Many symptoms like itchy genitals, recurrent urination, thirst, excessive hunger, loss of weight, lethargy, diminished vision etc attract the need for blood sugar estimation by doctors. Ayurveda mentions diabetes as madhumeha. It is a type of vata prameha disorder. The degeneration is the main cause of diabetes according to Ayurveda.

It is caused due to the sedentary lifestyle, heavy food, vata vitiation. Modifications in diet, exercise, and lifestyle are all important factors in successful treatment of diabetes and are incorporated into the ancient Indian medicinal practice of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes in Delhi are offering by Hindustan Pharma. With Astha Herbs used in the treatment of this disorder, Bilwa, Gurmar, Karvellaka, Methi, Shilajeet and many more. Chew 5-10 leaves of Sadabahar plant in the morning, 10-20 ml of Amla juice + 20 ml juice of fresh Haldi (turmeric).

And first step at Hindustan Pharma Diabetes treatment pills is understanding the root cause of your diabetes, and then managing and treating it with Ayurveda strategies. They propose a combination of personalized treatment plan, medication, dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Hindustan Pharma is manufacturing ayurvedic pills for Diabetes treatment in India.