About Us


Hindustan Pharmaceuticals Company has been working towards improving the health of the masses through Ayurvedic Medicines that have existed for millenias and are free of any side effects and help with improving the Health of People through a wide array of Medicines which are devoid of any Color, Additive, Flavour or Side Effect. All medicines are Extract Based which is the purest form.


5% of the Profit is used in Providing for a better tomorrow by Charity for the cause of Education, Women Empowerment, Child Care, Health and Environment.


HPC is established by World Human Rights Organization (Incorporated by the Government of India & Government of Canada). HPC’s aim is to provide and promote affordable, reliable and natural health care and beauty products that are completely free of harmful chemicals thus without unpleasant side effects. From beauty treatments to chronic diseases Ayurveda has a long history of treating these disorders while boosting the immunity of your body and soul. Our objective is to offer an alternative science of living that combines the very best of age old customs with modern research for the benefit of all.

Our products basically ensure that in this fast paced world, you give priority to your health and wellness without compromising on the ill effects that modern medicines may bring. We provide optimum results for health issues that may be keeping you away from living your life to the fullest.

Hindustan Pharmaceuticals Company specializes in providing treatment for common health issues like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Chronic Cough, Sexual Problems, Liver Problems, Thyroid, Stress and Anxiety Management, Immunity, and Arthritis. Our Ayurvedic medicines will help you get rid of Kidney stones without complicated and painful surgeries. Hindustan Pharmaceuticals Company’s Ayurvedic potions will ensure a Healthy liver and Blood Circulation. We also offer Ayurvedic slimming products which are 100% safe and natural. In addition to these Ayurvedic medicines we also offer natural beauty products and cosmetics for hair and skin care.


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